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List of Batmakers
« on: July 04, 2023, 10:09:16 PM »

Just thought I'd make a separate topic for this list - if anyone has someone to add to this, please contact myself or one of the admins!

Sponsors/Active members who make
John Collings - Red Ink Cricket @Red Ink Cricket 
Rob Pack - Robert Pack/Blueroom Cricket - formerly Kookaburra/Puma
Chris Kippax - Kippax Cricket - @Kippax
Matt Barton - Hell 4 Leather Cricket - @hell4leather cricket

Paul & Sally Bradbury (Bradbury) - @Hoover
JG - Morton Cricket - @JG
Mark Taylor - Oxfordshire Cricket - @Northern monkey
Chris Holman - Willow & Wand - @SOULMAN1012
Jake Leach - Reaper Cricket - @LEACHY48
Jonny Scott - Scott Cricket - @jonny77
Dean Bass - Vulcan Cricket - @Vulcan Cricket

Edge - Edge Cricket? - @edge

Previous active members (Now inactive/dormant with batmaking)
Ryan Kelsall - RK Cricket - @Ryan
Sudeep Thakur - ST Cricket - @mad_abt_cricket
Dom Shilly - DS Cricket - @SillyShilly
Beachcricket - White Willow Cricket - @Beachcricket
FatBats - @fatbats
Dan Nichols - used to make for Vantage Cricket, and moved to Aus and worked with Kookaburra for a while I believe
Chris Easby - CE Bats - @e4sby

Previous active sponsors/members (Still active with batmaking)

James Perkins - Crossbat Cricket - @Perkins17
Paul Aldred - Aldred Cricket - @Aldred Cricket Bats
James Laver - Laver & Wood Cricket - @Laver & Wood
Nick Nixon - Nixon Cricket - @NixonCricket
Gary Sandford - WG Willow, formerly Choice Willow
Gavin, Neil and Tom - B3 Cricket - @B3Cricket
Alex Hohenkerk - Gray Nicolls UK - @thebigginge
Marcus - Affinity Cricket - @M77
Andy - SafBats -

Other Newer batmakers
OX 29 Cricket
JTM Cricket
Lucas Williams (Williams and Co Cricket) - Netherlands
Alker Cricket
Beaver Cricket
Danny Owens - Owens Cricket - @Owens Cricket
Luke du Plooy (The Crick3t Lab) - Gary's (who used to run B&S UK) son
Toby Peirce - The Bat Cellar

Other batmakers (Active and inactive)
Tim/Nick/Fred Keeley (Keeley)
Kevin Woodgate (Keeley) - Retired IIRC. Formerly Grays/Newbery
Andrew Kember (Salix)
James D'Ollive (Jedi)
Mike Kennedy (World Class Willow)
Ed Garrard - (Garrard Cricket)
Stuart Kranzbuler (Gray Nicolls Australia)
Lachlan Dinger (Kookaburra Aus, formerly Dingbats)
Josh Gavan (JP Gavan)
Tony & Clere (Warsop)
Roger (Solitaire Cricket)
Mike Hawk (Hawk Cricket)
Harry Solomons (Wombat Cricket)
Dan & Co (Chase Cricket)
Ian (Warrior Cricket)
John Newsome (Woodstock)  :D
Malcolm Tedham (GB Willow)
Charlie French (Charlie French)
Chris King (Gray Nicolls UK)
Julian Millichamp (Screaming Cat)
Callen Cricket - Aus
Peninsula Cricket - Aus
Lachlan Fisher - Fisher Cricket - Aus

Sam Miller - Puma - Aus
Duncan Fearnley (Fearnley)
Alfred Evans (ACE) - I think anyways

John Newbery (Newbery)
Eric Loxton (Slazenger)

James Cornford (Fusion)
Bernie Facer (Baronet Bats)
Tony Cook (Hunts - Retired)
Matt Cooksey (Hunts - Current)
Rob Chambers (Millichamp and Hall)

Richard Davenport (Hardy Cricket, formerly V Sports)
Martin Berrill (Hunts County)
Monu (A2 Cricket - India)
Blake Shattock (Fantail Cricket) - NZ
Harry Lickiss (R+H Cricket) - Aus
Rod Grey & Josh Brown (Cooper Cricket) - Aus
Henco Murph - Extra Cover Cricket - SA
Mick Bellingham & Co - Bellingham and Smith - SA

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