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Author Topic: Fundraising at your club: advice and feedback  (Read 2271 times)

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Fundraising at your club: advice and feedback
« on: June 12, 2023, 03:33:31 PM »

Would love to get your thoughts, or that of the person most heavily involved in fundraising at your club:

The problem I have found with fundraising
I have recently been getting more involved in the fundraising activities of my club. We're based in Leicestershire, and currently run a 100 Club, Fantasy Cricket, raffles and various events. It will come as no surprise to most of you that this can be extremely time-consuming and admin-heavy.
For example, even for the 100 Club, I find myself advertising on social media, emailing back and forth, checking the bank account for who has paid (hoping they give a friendly reference for me to know what it is for), then noting it down, and that's before having to chase payments or doing the actual draw. As the 100 Club grows this becomes exponentially worse.

Building something to make it easier
I tried to find an easier way of managing it. I couldn't find anything, and so decided to build it myself. Therefore, my friend and I are building a platform that would handle a fundraising activity from start to end. This would include processing payments, assigning them easily to an activity, reporting on progress for each activity, automating admin-tasks, and integrating with social media/communication channels.

What's the ultimate goal
The ultimate goal would be reducing administrative burden on the organiser, allowing more activities to be run at the same time easily, and therefore increase the amount of funds raised for the club.

Would love feedback
We have started building out a beta version. But clearly, before we go too far down a certain path, we're keen to get as much feedback as possible on the idea. Then, eventually, hopefully on the platform itself.
  • Firstly, are any of you involved in the fundraising of your club? If so, would you mind completing a short survey for us as we attempt to get quantifiable feedback:
  • Secondly, I would love to hear thoughts on the idea, whether it solves a problem for people, and anything you want to share about the subject.

Really appreciate any insights you guys can provide. Thanks.
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