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Your Cricket / Re: Your 2018 Season
« Last post by Big Mac on Today at 09:38:20 PM »
So, I had hoped my captaincy debut would get off to a better start than walking out to bat at 52/6 but I somehow fluked my way to my new personal best. Managed 54 before being last man out in a total of 130 a.o.

Not brilliant but a lot better than I imagined an hour earlier, we managed to get 5 wickets but in the end we were 40-50 runs short of a total that would have really troubled the opposition.

I think I've cracked this batting lark though, the trick is to not have a single net for 6 months and just spend the entire offseason watching youtube videos and playing practice shots with an imaginary bat in the bathroom before you jump in the shower.
Your Cricket / Re: Your 2018 Season
« Last post by Tailendfielder on Today at 09:03:55 PM »
First loss for either of our sides today. Writing was on the wall last week. Oppo had four guys who normally play top div and said it will be the stronest side they will have all year and we were not up to it. Bowled out for 92.

Personally i got 21, which while disappointing i didnt kick on, it was nice to play players of that standard and compete.
Your Cricket / Re: Your 2018 Season
« Last post by mohawks94 on Today at 08:59:37 PM »
We were awful today. Bowled out for 113, oppo chased down in 17 overs one down.

I got 8 batting 10 before dragging on vs their opening bowler. Ended up taking our one wicket, one of their openers caught on the boundary. He'd been dropped first ball of that over as well, and their other opener nearly dragged a googly on in my first over.

Positive I can take is that my bowling is going well, and my googlies are actually coming out properly and turning nicely. Negative is that my batting form is non existent. Having started his season hitting the ball really well, my lack of time in the middle/nets has done me in and my form has disappeared. Can also add to the negatives that the toe on my B3 went big time last night after about 7 weeks of light use.
Six Sixes Cricket / Re: GM Signatures
« Last post by SOULMAN1012 on Today at 08:48:57 PM »
Certainly loving my GM signatures this season. Middle Neon currently my match bat, Zelos was a birthday present from the old man and the other Neon was a treat to myself on Wednesday.

Cricket Exchange / Re: Fixture Wanted 26th July
« Last post by velvetsky01 on Today at 08:31:51 PM »
Havenít heard anything from you Jake but best go large lol just in case lol
Your Cricket / Re: Your 2018 Season
« Last post by Timbo287 on Today at 07:56:46 PM »
Then something truly bizzare happened. They chased 213 in 13.5 overs. Wicket was flat obviously, but decent sized boundaries (65-70m approximately)

Still in shock!

That is some impressive hittin from both teams
Cricket Exchange / Re: Fixture Wanted 26th July
« Last post by LEACHY48 on Today at 07:40:57 PM »
You havent replied but i asume youve had my message? Ive had a few issues with pmís recently

Hi mate, sorry I've not got anything from you in afraid.

Cricket Exchange / Re: Fixture Wanted 26th July
« Last post by Tailendfielder on Today at 07:39:14 PM »
Afternoon all, can everyone that hasn't already post or PM me their T shirt sizes as we are looking into some custom shirts for this game.


You havent replied but i asume youve had my message? Ive had a few issues with pmís recently
Your Cricket / Re: Your 2018 Season
« Last post by NT50 on Today at 07:15:51 PM »
Despite being called a cheat and abused and having a bad game myself, still had a good win today, one that should see us move into the promotion places if other results go our way.

Batted first and was moved up to bat 3 at late notice as one of our players was badly ill so dropped out. Played myself in for 6 before playing a silly shot trying to go over the top and finding the hands of mid-on. We looked in a bit of trouble at 36-4, before our 5&6 scored 60* and 70 respectively. We ended up on about 195. Had 3 blokes on their team abuse me and call me a cheat for not giving a marginal LBW when i umpired (bare in mind i've given 2, 2 & 3 lbw's the last 3 times i've umpired, so i'm not adverse to giving them!) I felt it was too high and probably going down leg, enough of a doubt to not give it, but the man at cover seemed to have a better view of it... Didn't react to their abuse which was evidently what they wanted. I am many things, but a cheat isn't one of them. 

They got off to a slow start and barring a good partnership in the middle overs they were always behind the rate. Our 13 year-old ended up going for very few runs off his 5 overs and our bowlers bowled very tight lines which was very satisfying! They ended up 20 runs short. I dropped a catch at long on which was my first drop of the season. Only saw the silhouette of it in the sky, but still should have grabbed it.

Then their senior batsmen who seemed to have a problem with us having 5 men on the boundary in the last over when we played them last year, refused to shake my hand or even look me in the eye when i walked past him at the end of the game.

Awful game personally and am still annoyed at the comments made, but crucially our youngsters played well and we got home.
Bat Making / Re: MS Dhoni's bat replica
« Last post by mad_abt_cricket on Today at 07:15:14 PM »
Getting some interest for this profile. Didn't expected Dhoni at twilight of his career has so many die hard fans. Made one today and couple more to follow. Profile is indeed really balanced, even though on the heavier side, it does allow all round stroke play.

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