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StrettonFox Sports:
Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post as I can't give anything away too much at this stage. But for 2016 there will be a whole range of equipment arriving for the 2016 season.

This will be firstly Pads & Gloves, both of which include new ideas / theories on protection which should certainly get people talking )

Secondly a small limited range of bats, hand painted and rather nice (RPC made) no diamonds this time!

A "phase 2" generation of thigh pad, made in batch production so off the shelf, and entirely soft, literally floppy, priced at about half the cost of my traditional pads. these aren't better or worse, but offer a different type of fit and performance (still no bruises!)

Also a batting shoe insert which covers the front foot toes and facing side, enough to take away the agony of getting those yorkers.

There will also be a special development with It's Just Cricket's platinum lounge, this will be very exciting but you'll have to stay tuned )

If I am going to show any sneak pics or info, what would people like to hear about ??

Cheers !
George :)

Six Sixes Cricket:
All sounds good, especially Looking forward to seeing the pads and gloves.

Shoe insert! Tell me more please, Mr Fox?

Pads and Gloves!  Colour me intrigued.  Can I presume they going to be aero like?

Shoe inserts? Does that mean that I won't get another broken toe? And I won't have to wear steel capped trainers anymore?  :D


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