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Guys help please,

Been looking for a top end batting glove for a while now and finding it hard to choose, thought I'd get some recommendations from the forum before buying.       

Only thing they do need to be youths or small mens size wise.

Have always used split finger, and a big fan of pittards but willing to listen to other type's if they're a good set of gloves.

Budget wise 75 shipped tops


Look ghost pro

O got some off @Six Sixes Cricket and they're amazing

Sausage finger but amazingly flexible out of the packet

I recently received MB Gold Platinum gloves and they are amazing. I paid 1/3 of what your budget for these. I am ordering few more pairs for my mates.

^ From where? And, how much per pair?


--- Quote from: InternalTraining on August 08, 2019, 08:01:46 PM ---^ From where? And, how much per pair?

--- End quote ---
I get them directly from MB factory. I get them for discounted rate.


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