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Ayrtek Cricket:
Few people have been helping with feedback to help with the product which is brilliant from a product development point of view.

Some have asked for a longer version (some preferred the first batch of 4 inch one and some like the branded 5 inch one). These will be unbranded and 6 inches long to cover the majority of your forearm when worn with your batting gloves.

They are due to reach me on Christmas Eve so Iíll try and get a batch knocked up before new year as they can be pre-ordered online now.

Ayrtek Cricket:
Fresh batch of these arrived today, 6 inches long and unbranded. Cover the majority of the forearm.

Iíll be knocking up a batch over Xmas in time for new year if anyone wants to get in early and pre-order via the webshop (thanks to those that have already 😊).

Ayrtek Cricket:
Managed to sneak out to the office to knock up a couple of samples this afternoon...

Ayrtek Cricket:
I've got stock of the 4 inch stubby in black now and have a fresh batch of the 4 inch and 6 inch white version arriving towards the middle of next week having sold out of both currently.

Really impressed with my six inchers.

After copping a ball on the thigh which just missed my inner thigh, I feel you should next experiment with circle shorts made entirely from D3O.


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