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Retro Glove Night.

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Bit more tidying of the garage and stumbled across a box with these in.

Anyone remember or used to own any of these? :


Slazengers were the first glove I owned when I moved up to hard ball cricket.  Imagine the protection isn't the same as modern gloves but I thought that they were great at the time.

Playing in Cheshire, a lot of players used Peak Sports kit although I never owned any myself

First gloves I ever owned were the Kooka Bubble 4 Star, might not be the exact same model but the same range

The GNs in the final photo 2nd from the bottle were my favourite as a kid! Admittedly I was young and naive and had them from a different supplier. Wha a gift to see them again with the GN logo on them. Thanks for sharing 👍

I had all of the bottom row, with the exception of the middle Kookaburras. The 2nd from right Kahuna gloves were the best Iíve ever owned. The far left GN Rapiers were supremely comfortable, but they were also the first gloves I bought that were top of the range but not entirely made of leather (finger rolls were synthetic). I guess they maybe set the trend for bumping up prices, yet trying to save weight (and production cost) as much as possible.


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