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I'm just wondering what your opinions are on how gloves should fit, I've always used regular mens and had quite a loose fit, however I've now got some GM OLEs in small mens and they're quite snug. Not sure whether it's just I'm not used to it or I need the size up so I was wondering what you guys think on the topic.


Always use small menís or youth as like them snug

The tighter the better.

six and out:
I always prefer a snug fit.

Interestingly the area I always struggle with is the wrist. I have small wrists it would seem and need to then do up the gloves a long way round the velcro which can wear out the glove or be awkward to wear.

So it means buying smaller gloves which can then be too small for my hands. Can't win sometimes.

I'm just a bit worried about my hands getting sore wearing them for a long time as my fingers are right at then end of each section. It might just be a case of wearing them in though, they are literally brand new.


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