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I'm a big fan of the pittard palm (old style) find so comfy and flexible.

Been using sausage gloves for a whole now as when had modern gloves felt bulky.

Any recommendations for sausage or narrow shark tooth I was tempted by Ayrtek and the Blank Bats Modern players gloves.

Any views appreciated.

Bellingham and Smith gloves have impressed me


Thank you they do look nice.

Ayrtek Cricket:
I've got one pair of MRH sausage gloves in white/green in stock still if they are of interest or plenty of the Shark tooth in the Green, Blue or Gold colour.

I'm waiting on fresh stock of the all-white model as they shift extremely fast it seems.

alba caerulea:
Adidas Incurza have been the best ive come across, other shark tooth gloves have felt bulky but these are lovely and snug


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