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--- Quote from: Ayrtek Cricket on February 10, 2021, 04:23:31 PM ---I've got one pair of MRH sausage gloves in white/green in stock still if they are of interest or plenty of the Shark tooth in the Green, Blue or Gold colour.

I'm waiting on fresh stock of the all-white model as they shift extremely fast it seems.

--- End quote ---

Hi Tom how bulky are the shark tooth compared to the sausage?

Ayrtek Cricket:
Feedback on the sharktooth has always been that they are extremely flexible and comfortable. Its hard for me to comment as I've never worn sausage-style gloves to compare the 2.

@JB has a set or 2 of them so maybe able to offer some insight.

I have been using shark tooth and sasuage style. I have newbery kudos pittard palm shark tooth and they are very very comfortable. Not bulky very flexible. Palms stay soft even after some sweaty inning. Bought another 🦈 tooth as result

Toms Ayrtek ‘shark tooth’ gloves are really good. Still use mine after several seasons

My Son uses the Ayrtek Shark tooth gloves, I've used them myself on the occasion I left my gloves on the roof of my car to dry off, forgot them and drove off!

They're incredibly comfy, don't feel Bulky at all.


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