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In need of a new bat...custom Vs branded, UK Vs Mumbai

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I bought a Kookaburra Ghost bat in  2017 which was just perfect for me in terms of pickup and swing. Co
Uple of years later, I bought a Kippax Colossus which was brilliant in hitting big shots at the expense of manoeuvrability. But I got used to it and eventually sold my Kookaburra (stupidly). I then thought of getting something a bit lighter so got the Kippax Dragon. Lovely bat but the swing was all over the place and I wasn't hitting the ball well with it. So I went back to the Colossus.

I now need a new bat. I'm thinking of either going for the Ghost Pro or getting a custom bat made from Talent Cricket or somewhere else. I'm also planning to travel to Mumbai in a couple of months, so can look at bats there (SS, SG, MRF etc.). I'm not sure of custom bat makers in Mumbai.

Any advice on brands or options? How's custom bat from Talent Cricket? 

If you want a custom bat, there are plenty of great options on the forum. Might be useful to know your budget and roughly what you're looking for?

My advice, for what it's worth, is to go to a local bat maker to you- where ever you are. See the workshop, chat, play around with a few bats (maybe take along a favourite old bat). That way you should get something that performs as you like it but also adds an amount of emotional attachment and value. In my experience of buying bats for my son, he really cares about the ones where he knows the guy that made just for him. (And the price is just as competitive).

If you are going to Bombay, I am pretty sure you will find something that will suit your preference. That too at a fraction of a price. You may end up buying more than one bat ;-)

Thanks for responses so far! I'm a front foot player, so lower to middle sweet spot suits me. The Ghost was brilliant. Good idea about meeting a batmaker and try a few out. I'm still trying to find reputed batmakers in Mumbai.


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