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im woefully out of form

what is best to do?

My best advice is to just bat time, stay in the middle for as long as you can- you can't get runs in the clubhouse!  Try to just pick up the singles where you can and the runs should start to flow.

i have heard the suggestion go out and have a slog, try and hit yourself into some form? whats worse that can happen? u get out, which you have probably being doing anyway.

I find the biggest think is to relax and WATCH THE BALL

I lost a bit of form last season and just decided to throw the wood at everything, I found that it didn't work for me.
I only regained it when I slowed down and went straight back to basics. Watch the ball all the way onto the bat, play each ball on it's merit. Straight bat and keep contol of your head etc... It took what seemed like forever to get 10, but then timed a nice straight drive and moved quickly into the 20's.
Just keep playing, and like Richie said, spend a bit of time in the middle.

Totally agree with Marcussjd9, in the fact of going back to basics- play with a straight bat, and play each ball on it's merits.  After loosing my form I had a chat with one of the elder blokes at my club who had just hit his 3rd 100 in 4 games, and the main point he made was to concentrate on watching the ball out of the bowlers hand-something that we take for granted sometimes!  Another thing he said was not to over-think about what you are doing, when you are out of form you tend to think about what shot to play and where your feet should be etc. all this processing takes up valuable time when the ball is bowled, and you never think about these when you are in form, do you?


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