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Post what keeping gear you have and what you think of it.
Keeping gloves

Puma atomic 3000 my first proper pair of gloves and really nice.
Puma ballistic 3000 Taken forever to brake it and not better than my atomic's
Easton club edition  Lovely best gloves i have used and so supple straight out of the bag good protection on them as well.

Keeping pads

Puma ballistic 3000 Light and good protection.

keeping glovesgm hero 909 gel, first pair of gloves and served me well last season but are a bit battered and small now
puma ballistic 5000 last years gold ones havent had any chance to use these
kookaburra kahunas not great but still pretty good for the money, not keen on the webbing
edit love my silverr after a gond season with em

oh and keeper14 should we put pics in here?


--- Quote from: gramw on May 26, 2008, 12:02:14 PM ---oh and keeper14 should we put pics in here?

--- End quote ---

why not.


i'll get some pics of my eastons tommorow


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