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Red Ink Cricket:
Just thought id give everyone an update on what to expect from Red Ink Cricket in the coming weeks. The website is taking shape slowly but is getting there. Ive been playing around with a couple of shapes to release and have settled on the 2 below.

We will be releasing 2 bat shapes available in X1 X2 and X3 grades. All bats purchased through the forum will come with a toe guard and antiscuff included.

There is also a choice in colours of stickers. White or Black design so suit your taste.

The two bats we are releasing are:

Pyro - bowed, large edges, concaved, mid to low middle

Limited Edition - large swell, good sized offset edges ( not as large as the Pyro but by no means the traditional edges) concaved depending on weight required

As mentioned we will be looking to offer a 'copy a favourite service' at a later stage. if anyone is interested then please PM me. Costs expected to be approx 25 more than the below costs so you can have a Grade 1 copy of your favourite for under 200.

Pictures of the profiles are to follow in the next week or so.

Prices are as follows

X1 - 190 forum offer to 170
X2 -165          "          145
X3 -130          "          110

P&P will be an extra 10 on top

any questions let me know.

Sounds like a very good deal; good luck!

Hmm very reasonable prices.... Grade 1 for 170 I like!!!

is it english or indian or australian willow?

Red Ink Cricket:
English willow only.


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