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Batting Early ON...Help!!!

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When i get out to bat i tend to hit the ball in the air quite alot, after this i end up getting good scores but one day im not guna be dropped 3 times in single figures! do any of you have any tips. i have been told im pushing at it with a strong bottom hand grip and my head up. how can i correct this?

Sounds to me like your playing the ball to early. So some tips would be to be VERY patient and wait for the ball to come to you. Also make sure you are over the ball when striking it. Other than this I would just go back to basics and make sure I am doing everything to the book.

Yeah. the pitches are damp and the ball is staying low which means it comes through a lot slower! Just wait for the ball and watch it onto the bat.
As for your head... Try and get in front and over your knee when driving to keep the ball down.

Thanks for the tips guys, if our game is on tomorrow i will get in the nets before and work on it

Like I said on a different forum, I would personally try to drive with say 2 or 3 fingers to stop you gripping the bottom of the bat too hard..


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