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Fantasy World Cup - AND THE WINNER IS...

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Hi Guys

As the World Cup has ended I can now announce the winner of the CBF Fantasy World Cup Competition.
Of the 77 entrants only 15 paid to make themselves eligible for the competition.

These results have been calculated by the Fantasy World Cup website and verified by myself (with uknsaunders keeping a close eye on proceedings too!)

Because we only had a 30 budget only the winner gets a prize I'm afraid.

Drumroll please.

15   Jonny's Giants
14   Mighty Ducks
13   Dunster Nomads
12   Play for the Draw!
11   ImranICCWEXI
10   Nearly as good as Dwayne Leverock
9   Ayrtekkers XI
8   KESSLER'S "6"
7   Crash Bang Wallop
6   Shrong Shoulders!
5   The Big Cheese is a ****
4   Special cricket service
3   Number11
2   Fram Firebrands

And the winner is....

It's only Finbars Follies - @uknsaunders himself!

Can I dispute 3rd place - I finished about Ken (work colleague) and paid my 2

I have no idea what you're talking about e4sby, I had you in third place (and definitely haven't edited the OP...  :-[ )

Not that anything below 1st place mattered with the limited prize budget  :(

Final places added to OP

Haha it was for nothing more than bragging rights!

I should 3rd


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