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telegraph umpires challenge

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just come across this and thought it would be fun to share. plus somebody might win some tickets

i got 4 right the first time although i think they were wrong on one of them

did it a second time and got 5 right.

there was only 2 balls repeated in the second over from the first be interesting to know how many different balls there are

I got the first 4 right. Then a leg spinner bowled, clearly pitched outside leg stump so chose not out. Apparently it was out  :o

The game then froze and didn't show me ball 6. It must have realised its error!

First attempt I got 5 right. I've been replaying for past 20 minutes, addicted.

Got 3 then it froze, won't load very well on my ipad

5 out of 6 - second ball did me, good fun!


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