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--- Quote from: Vitas Cricket on August 16, 2017, 11:22:57 AM ---Filler in parts of the blade is more common than people think, I believe there was a topic about a B3 bat with something similar recently. Most sensible (rather than hysterical) discussion about filler on Asian bats, especially CA in my experience, surrounds the use of it in the handle/splice.

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I think about 50% of all CAs I've seen have had handle issues. The other 50% which don't have issues are mostly either the older models or near new! The filler just cracks and causes issues in the shoulder/handle region of the bats. Excellent performers, but the handle issue really puts me off...

I am a big fan of H4L, and don't think this would make any difference in the longevity or performance of the bat, as it's away from the splice/shoulder area. It should have been mentioned though, but for 150, it seems an excellent bat regardless. Have you been happy with the performance?

It's just being transparent and mentioning it up front. I am sure bat would have sold for the same price easily.

It would also be incredibly naive of a customer not to realise that there would be a reason why a bat that we all thought should be a Pro was downgraded and priced at 150, which is similar to the cost of a Devil.

If there are any more of these kicking about the workshop for 150 I'd like to be the first in the queue

I think that the point made was not a dig at H4L at all. It's just an interesting observation as to the perception of one thing over another.

1. I wouldn't worry about it as long as the bat performed and the price was right.

2. Where possible, I have opted for bats without stickers. I don't care about the stickers or the toe-guard. I highly recommend doing it as it gives you additional 1/4 -1/2 ounce of willow and a shiny, clean look.


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