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we have just uploaded a new video explaining and talking a bit about our wavex handle and how it works. search kippax cricket on youtube to find it feel free to like share and subscribe or ask any other questions on this topic thank you.

Thanks for putting an explanation on Youtube. Very interesting.
So, not only does it reduce vibrations in the hand (not an issue I notice when I bat), but it redirects energy back into the blade, thus increasing the rebound effect. I am not sure I follow the science, but good to see new innovations.

Shared on my page. Ta

thank you for sharing on your page much appreciated. as for the science behind it vibration travels in a straight line so in a standard oval handle the vibration just goes up your handle and into your wrist and elbows. where as with the wavex handle when we sent it for testing it showed that the vibration could not travel up the handle because of the the waves and ripples there for forcing the vibrations back down towards the center off your bat giving you a extra 40/50 percent power in your shots.

@Kippax am I right in thinking the Wavex handle only has a single rubber insert?

Was this tested with the traditional 2 and 3 inserts too during the early stages?

I'm curious as to why you've gone for less, while other makers are producing handles with 5 or 7 now


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