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So most leagues around the world (Including mine) have enforced a new helmet rule which means only helmets with fixed grills are permitted. If you donít have one, you canít play.
So Iíve had to reluctantly retire my beloved Albion and get a new Masuri. I found a season old one on gumtree for $50 (£25) so I went and picked it up.
Two things Iíve noticed - despite all the hype etc for these lids, they are very heavy. And the one I got is a titanium so can only imagine in horror how heavy the steel one is.
And most importantly, the fit (For me anyway) isnít nearly as good as my old Albion. Whilst it still fits ok, itís nowhere near to the level of my old Albion.
Has anyone been able to ďCheatĒ these new rules and fix their old grill and helmet together so they canít (Or at least donít look like to an umpire) they can be adjusted?

Didn't @Buzz create a new type of compliant helmet in a thread a while ago?

Just buy a new one that fits the current requirements.if you were to get hit and hurt, would you expect to be able to cheat insurance if you were using an outdated model?


--- Quote from: JTtaylor145 on October 02, 2020, 01:29:52 PM ---Didn't @Buzz create a new type of compliant helmet in a thread a while ago?

--- End quote ---

Yes, I had some fun playing with different options

You can have a look here.

What I would say is that what I have ended up with is basically a regular os2 lid with ti grill.
I have spent some time playing with different padding inside the lids though too.

As others have said you just need to try a few on, the GM and GN ones are worth checking out (as well as the variety of Ayrtek ones).

On the weight, the double shell lids are very heavy. The single shell ones are significantly lighter.

The plastic masuri ones are quite light and you will be able to swap the grills over with your other lid if you want.

Thanks Buzz - that thread is very interesting!
I bought this Masuri one because it was cheap, the right colour and the right size (I thought), although a medium Masuri is a lot smaller than a medium Albion. But I mean £25 for a helmet with little wear that sells for over £150 new is a bargain. I assumed that they were good going off all the hype. I still might try and persist getting used to it if lockdown ever ends here, but I think if I canít get used to it, Iíll fill the holes on the Albion grill and make a cover plate to make it look and be un-adjustable. I have about 4 or 5 Albion helmets With different logos so itíd be sad to see them go to waste and no longer used!


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