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Gray-Nicolls Ultimate 360 helmet


Hi guys. Has anybody got any experience of this helmet?I'm curious about a few things like the size of the grill gap.It certainly looks bigger than the Shrey and masuri T-line helmets. I'd be interested to know the actual grill gap sizes of the following 4 helmets if anybody knows
Shrey Masterclass
Masuri T-line
Masuri E-line (bottom bar to peak)
Gray-Nicolls ultimate 360 or test opener

I've been going back and forth about the E line for a few months now but at 104 for a steel grill I'm unsure.Especially now I've seen this 360 at 62.99.Id definitely be a XL in it as I once had a Gray-Nicolls omega helmet top of the range but it was standard Large size so was extremely tight around my temples so didn't even get to net in in for longer than 3 or 4 mins.

Jimmy Tiwana:
Any users feedback on GN ultimate or Atomic 360 helmet?


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