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Iím after some advice please.

Whatís the best think to do with this?

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Real Munson:
Tape it up and use it until it falls apart! Believe it's a stress fracture.

One of the batmakers will say if it's repairable or not, however I'm not sure you can put a dowel or anything in there to strengthen the shoulders. Had this on a Newbery which was a year old, took it back to Robertsbridge, Tim just said it shouldn't do that and let pick another one. He didn't even mention trying to fix it. 

Depends - are you RH or LH?  :D

I think @procricket had his repaired by GN - they replaced the lugs on his Taylor bat. Might be worth asking @thebigginge to see if he can do anything about it!


--- Quote from: Chad on March 19, 2021, 01:47:10 PM ---Depends - are you RH or LH?  :D

--- End quote ---

Nicely played - I walked into that one ;-)

I fixed something similar on an old Newbery for a mate, plenty of glue and a couple of layers of fibreglass tape around the splice area. It's not a long term solution and I think you'd still be worried about a ball clipping the shoulder but his bat has held up okay against medium paced dibbly dobbly bowling for a year or so now.


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