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I'm looking to take up keeping again next year...

I'm looking for new gloves and pads, preferably of a decent standard, mid range stuff.

If anyone can reccomend some gloves and pads, not necessarily from the same range, and from the same online retailer (to save on postage) then I would appreciate it.

My budget is 55 for the pair, not including postage.


dobbs i could do you a deal on some? not the pumas but a pair of kook kahunas and maybe flextech pads?

How used are they? How much are you looking for the pair inc postage?

not sure of a price at the min but will get back to you and the pads arent bad a little bit brown around the knee but just looking and its coming off, same with the gloves, used for approx 1/4 of the season, can clean them for you

Alright, cheers mate, just let me know.


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