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SS Yuvi 20/20 Cricket Bat and SS Ton Batting Gloves

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Hello everyone,

I just got the first of my bats that I plan to buy from Asad for the upcoming season.

To summarize my buying experience and quality of the bat and gloves - just one word - EXCELLENT.

The bat I received today is a SS Yuvi 20/20 G1 bat (full length blade).

Specifications of the bat:

(1) I wanted a bat with a 2.9lb pick-up. Asda sent me a bat with a dead weight of 2.10lb but it picks up really well.
(2) The bat has 10 grains and about three quarters on an inch of heartwood on the outside edge. (I bat right handed).
(3) The willow used is a dense willow which has been pressed quite well (correct pressing to get optimal ping).
(4) The bat has 33mm edges

The bat pings like a gun, I am really pleased with the bat.

The gloves, SS Ton (white similar to the ones being presently used by Yuvi). Very soft pittard leather and very good fit and feel.

I will be getting a couple of more bats from Asad, as I appreciate the personal interest he takes in understanding your requirements and gives unbiased and genuine opinion.

I would have received at least 15 emails with pictures of different bats and Asad's comments on each bat, before I zeroed-in on the YUVI.

As for the delivery, very prompt. Better than most other online retailers.

I will post the pictures tonight.

(PS: he has some very lush looking Salix, SS, BAS and Newbery bats).

The prices offered by Asad are by far the best prices considering these include VAT and postage.

I would like to see some pics mate as it does sound like a nice bat!  Asad does run an excellent service!

Weren't you just last week selling a Grizzly and a Screaming Cat because you had too many bats for the forthcoming season?

"Asda sent me a bat with a dead weight of 2.10lb"

Never knew of Asda's cricket shop!

Sounds like a nice bat. Have to go down to Asda and check out the cricket section. ;)


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