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Blank Bats:

Hi fellow forumers

i thought a formal introduction is needed so here we go.

Team blank bats comprises of myself (Canners) and Tai (100no).

We had a little get together and agreed we were sick of spending a small fortune on bats each season, we totalled up between what we were spending and to be quite frank it was getting ridiculous. We also discussed how bat prices were growing out of control because of branding and stickers, and came to the conclusion that a new type of bat was needed in the market. The best bats available without the cost of funding the branding and stickers hence team 'blankbats' was born. Both of us are experienced bat buyers and we both feel we know our bats and what makes a good bat.

so here we are bringing you the best bats at the best prices........

One of the reasons Blank Bats can bring you these bats at such heavily discounted prices is because we have agreed contractually not to name our master batmaker. The batmaker is a world reknowned batmaker, based in the South of England. He makes for numerous brands and players and is regarded by many as the best in the world. You may be able to guess who it is, and we can guarentee you won't be disappointed once you receive your BlankBat. At a saving of 50% off other brands RRP's it's not a surprise they want to keep it a secret!"


All the best fellas!! Makes sense why you had all those blank bats now :D

great concept and wish you a good luck!

100 not out:
Thank you for your well wishes. Much appreciated.

thanks boys if there's anything we can help you out on don't be afraid to ask


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