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With the vast array of knowledge that we have available on this forum, would it perhaps make sense to sticky a topic and and all those people who are coaches, or who are happy to provide coaching tips. This way, people wanting advice can ask for it directly, as opposed to setting up a topic and getting 100 different tips, which seems to be the norm. I propose that we add names, level, and area of expertise, so we can build up a CBF backroom staff. For example I would not dream of coaching bowling or psychology, but am very keen to coach batting or fielding. Would be a really good place to stick up any queries or problems with tecnique so that people can see and offer their help privately!

Nickauger (Nick Auger) - Level 2.5, Batting and Fielding

Hello - I am Buzz - I have written down my thoughts on batting in a book - concious to unconcious competence - and have coached a fair number of people to a greater or lesser extent - most have been happy with the help!
I have also been lucky enough to receive some of the best coaching around at Lords over the years and from other sources and have read relatively widely on batting ideas.

I wont be able to teach the dilscoop though - sorry ;)


--- Quote from: Buzz on June 25, 2013, 01:07:42 PM ---I wont be able to teach the dilscoop though - sorry ;)

--- End quote ---

Or a trigger movement ;)


--- Quote from: Nickauger on June 25, 2013, 01:35:55 PM ---Or a trigger movement ;)

--- End quote ---

not totally true - there are people (occaisionally) who benefit from one...  :o ???

but let's keep this on topic

2.5 is in the post, batting, bowling and tactics all pretty sound but I can barely even catch myself so probably best I steer clear of that!


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