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Traditional B&S 2020Pads 810 Grams


Adidas XT 3.0 pads (2019 version): 656 g
Aero P1 size small. Left pad - 481.94 grams (1lb 1.0 ounces). Right pad - 269.32 grams (0 lb 9.5 ounces)
Aldred - 959g each
BDM Admiral Super test pads: 740 grams each pad
Bradbury players: 837 grams
CA plus 15000 player edition (mens) 746g per pad
Charlie French PPR1 - 937g each
Gray  Nics Powerbow 750  each pad 567g
GN Prestige: 926gms per pad
GN Select pads: 950 grams
GN Supernova 500 pads, Youth size : 675 g
GN Supernova 900:  860gms
GN Legend: 908 grams
GN Omega 1500: 883 grams
GM OLE pads 1040g each
GM OLE Sponsored player pads 944g each (old version)
H4l 50/50 are 800 grams per pad
H4L Custom 1029g
Helygen Momentum - 988g each
Kookaburra Ignite Pro pads - 878 grams
Kookaburra Rogue 650 pads: 818 each pad
Kookaburra Kahuna 550 - 850 grams
Kookaburra Kahuna Players (2015 model) - 793 grams
Kook Kahuna Sponsored player pads 989g each.
Kookaburra Nickel Pro 2019 - 905g each
Kookaburra Onyx Pro - 737 grams
Kookaburra Onyx 700 - 907 grams
Kookaburra T20 flare, youth size (2018) - 785 grams
M&H Distinction (old style) 929g
Morrants international - 500g
Morrants Super Ultralite Adult - 623g each
Newbery SPS I including fielding guards (OLD STYLE)! 994g
Phantom Limited Gel (2019) Small Mens - 917g per pad average
Phantom Limited Gel - 974g
PRYZM Cricket pads : 760g
Puma bionic 5000: 780g
Puma evospeed 2, youth size: 640 grams
Puma Evospeed SL  mens pads - 690 grams
Puma Evopower SE Edition: 947 grams
Puma Iridium 6000 Flextech pads with all velcro padding (high hat, knee roll and shin) included 766g each.
Puma Iridium 6000 Flextech pads with knee roll padding remaining and high hat/shin padding removed 630g each.
Puma Platinum 6000 LE 860 grams
Puma Evo SE White/Silver/Gold Adult RH (2019) - 750g each
Reaper R1 - 974g each
Reaper R2 (not traditional looking though) - 656g each
Red Ink X1 - 869g each
Red Ink x2: 862g per pad
Red Ink x*: 835g per pad
RS Pro Edition - 874g each
SG RSD Prolite Youths pads 2014: 680 grams each pad
SG RSD Prolite Youths pads 2019: 740 grams each pad
SG Hilite pads: 828 grams each pad
SG Test batting Pads: 850 grams
SG VS 319 Ultimate batting pads: 793 grams
SG Litevate pads: 818 grams each pad
SS Test opener Mens size: 830 grams
SS Test Opener Youth size : 724 grams
SS test opener, Youth size  (2018)  - 754 grams each
Ten star pads: 780 grams each pad
UZI Sports Test (Youth): 762 grams
VKS Air lite pads (Mens size): ~ 715 grams combined

Does anyone know the weight of Newbery SPS 2020 pads?


--- Quote from: Purist90 on December 22, 2021, 09:45:45 PM ---B3 3 stripe 900g
Pryzm cricket 2022 exclusive pro 810g
Whack Sports (Aus) various price ranges all 750g-760g

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Purist90 on October 18, 2021, 06:19:55 PM ---Itís just cricket reviewed Newbery SPS and were 860g ish 
DKP Player Pads - 900g per pad. (Sausage gloves in the deal were 520g for both)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Purist90 on November 29, 2021, 06:58:01 PM ---Stag Cricket county range menís pads 800g

--- End quote ---

@Purist90 please update the list properly as others have done above, or the topic becomes unusable. Thanks.

Apologies!  Just figured out what was meant to do. Will sort out properly this week.


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