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My first post on here so go easy lads ;) Made my second visit to Uzi sports looking for a new bat after the one from last year was so good. Spent some time looking around picking up bats first bat that caught my eye was was a Keeley superior weight was 2.11 great looking bat great ping. Asad then pulled out a Uzi Mamba Test out the cupboard. Great looking bat (I’m not that fussed on looks and grains) but wow what a ping and really soft so shouldn’t take long to reach top performance. Thank you Asad and Uzi sports again for great help and service. See you guys soon.

It's great in there. Asad is so generous with his time and really good how he just lets you while away the time through the stock. Lovely stick!

Uzi Sports:
I am glad you are happy with the bat. 


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