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Annual Uzi Trip (2018 Version)

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Evening Gents,
That time of the year when I get to visit the UK and spend a day visiting UziSports where I pretend I have an unlimited budget and a shopping list that includes an entire kit bag for a club, when in reality i only need one bat. Nevertheless, Asad's hospitality and allowing me to roam the store freely with a mallet and ball in hand always makes for an incredible experience.

As Asad was busy when i first came in, I decided to roam extensively through the sale bins near the front of the store. It was a bit like a trip down memory lane seeing some old SS gladiators and Plain BAS profiles. Both of which tap up brilliantly. I was amazed one of the BAS bats actually had a proper oval handle, which you never see on BAS bats these days. The BAS were slightly on the heavier side (2.11 etc) but the Gladiator picked up beautifully. For us SS lovers, we remember how this used to be SS's top bat. This is their old school profile with the low middle and concaved profile. Highlights below:

Moving on, what i was really excited about seeing was TK's own range of bats and Asad's selection did not disappoint. Some real stunners below, the Pink Worx in particular seemed a bit like the TK version of CA profile:

After finally getting a wander through the back room stock, i was able to pull out this beauty as my choice for the day (JR profile Uzi Poseidon), which we added uzi stickers to after. I'll just let the pics do the rest:

Overall a brilliant day and I can't thank Asad enough. I've left a massive mess and still haven't been able to check all the stock he has.

That pink Keeley looks a stunner Iím guessing that wasnít going cheap

JR looks stunning. Is it short handle and standard blade?

Wow looks like you picked a goodun there.......
 I am lusting over that pink keeley big time 😍

Yes, the JR is a short handle standard blade and balanced really well.

The Pink TK was stunning, as was its price. Made more sense to just get an uzi bat for obvious reasons.


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