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Tomorrow’s IPL auction time.

Few noteable names- Hetmyer, s.curran, Bairstow, Morgan

I’d imagine Hetmyer is about to become a Millionaire overnight. Be interesting to see which way his Windies career goes - I’d think he’ll follow bravo and pollards example

six and out:
Going to be a very interesting auction considering the availability of a lot of stars going off to the world cup half way through the tournament.

A lot of teams also don't have that many spots available as they have retained so many players.

Stupid bidding war for Braithwaite

Bairstow of to Sunrisers for 220L


--- Quote from: liscon12 on December 18, 2018, 10:53:19 AM ---Bairstow of to Sunrisers for 220L

--- End quote ---

Hope they have a team nanny for when his dummy comes out again


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