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Kippax Pro Blade No.2 (Jonny Bairstow Profile)

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Hi All,

Have been wanting to do this review for a while however have been waiting on a set of stickers to arrive. I am pleased to say they arrived yesterday and so can post some photos.

Here we have a Kippax bat weighing in at 2lb 10oz (with a single grip, scuff and no stickers) It is a short blade short handle configuation like my other pro shape - which is good as it means i have some continuity when i use a different one.

The middle position is mid i would say but it does have a long swell position and the response from the mallet is very good up high. 

I purchased this from our very only @Jlscarroll17 a few weeks ago. Joe purchased this direct from the factory however after some use didnt get on with the Wavex handle - of which i am fond of.

Having studied Jonny Baistows bat over the current tour of the West Indies Joe and I are in no doubt that this is one of his the same shape as one of his Bats (maybe just the shape or could have been one he rejected - who knows) But the pick up and ping would certainly surgest it was reserved for a pro. It is ridiculous!

The pickup is feather light for its size and weight Now stickered up and with one and half grips it weights 2lb 11ish

Here are some photos

As you can see - it isnt quite the same shape as a colossus although there is some concaving but it doesnt seem to be at the same level.

I asked Kippax about the shape to see if they could confirm if it was one of JBs and they said that they couldnt be sure with out looking at it close up but from the photos it did look like it was. Which Was good enough for me  ;)

If it is or isnt - it is a fantastic bat and will be in the kit bag for the season - the sound it makes off the blade is really something to behold and it stays hit when you do so. I am very lucky with my selection of bats for this and the coming seasons....certainly Cant blame any of these for a lack of runs! (I of course will haha)

Looks a lovely stick that Tony, great profile.

Six Sixes Cricket:
Bairstow was having his bats made at chase


--- Quote from: Kippax on August 29, 2018, 11:06:16 AM ---and all our pros use wavex and the other international players we make for have to use straight handles

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Six Sixes Cricket on March 12, 2019, 12:57:54 PM ---Bairstow was having his bats made at chase

--- End quote ---

That's a new one!


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