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Just had first practice 2xT20. Enjoyed the day but not when they hit me for 6s! 😀😀
One guy I saw after years, last I saw he was a kid, now he is hitting hard and streaming in to ball quickies! He remembered me as well when we last played together.
There were a couple of talented batsmen who were hitting 6s for fun😀

First league game of the season today and I wasnít playing but popped along to see the lads and lost by 40 runs. Oppo scored 204/6 from 50. Excellent opening bowling spell and first change from our lads but they had a couple of decent batters middle order that took them up from 130 to 200 in last 12 overs.

In reply we were going well until the set lad in our run chase was run out terribly. And then we just ran out of steam. They had two very good spinners from watching that bowled excellent areas and length and change or pace.

We had no warm up games as last weekend cancelled so not a bad run out first off but disappointing to lose first league game of the season.

My first game next weekend as long as this weather holds

Played a friendly today, not sure the opposition knew it was a friendly however!

We had them about 50-5, instead of keeping our best bowlers on, we opened the game up. They ended up getting 160-ish.

Me and our other opener put on 45 for the first wicket in 10 overs. I was seeing it like a beach ball and made my way to 20 before nailing a cover drive about 6 inches off the ground. Unfortunately cover took a screamer just off the floor. We were 130ao in reply. They bought on a fairly rapid bowler and who kept bowling short to kids & people who hadnít played before which Iím not sure was needed in a friendly.

On another note I felt in the best Nick I have in about 3 years. I read an article the other day on how professionals all had a similar method of watching the ball. I tried it today and it made picking up line and length so much easier. I felt like a had so much time to play shorts. Looking back, in the 4 years Iíve played I donít think Iíve ever truly watched the ball until today. Going to be interesting to see if this makes a change to my average!

what is this magical method @NT50 ?  I think I could do with a bit of that!


--- Quote from: blindowl on April 17, 2021, 08:16:09 PM ---what is this magical method @NT50 ?  I think I could do with a bit of that!

--- End quote ---
You beat me this question 👍


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