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Cricket Bat World Cup 2010

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Since we are all a little sad at the end of the UK season I thought it might be fun and informative to have a random Cricket bat WC event. I've put some big brands and also some forum sponsors in a 32 bat draw and we will vote on one contest per day with the winner going through to the next round until we have the semi finals which will be 3 day voting period and the final which will be a 5 day voting period.

You are only allowed to vote once per match, and only post the brand name you would like to win, all other posts will be deleted and you will have to buy Fattus Cattus his daily cakes as a fine.

The full draw is as follows,

1, Gray Nicolls
v                        Gray Nicolls,
2, Vantage,
                          v                       Gray Nicolls
3, Piri Piri
v                        Mongoose,
4, Mongoose,
                                                   v                    Redback
5, Slazenger
v                        SS,
6, SS,
                          v                        Redback
7, Malik
v                        Redback,
8, Redback,
                                                                        v             Redback   
9, SAF
v                        SAF,
10, CA,
                          v                        SAF
11, Bradbury
v                        Bradbury,
12, Bulldog,
                                                   v                    Screaming Cat
13, Ayrtek
v                        Ayrtek,
14, Woodworm,
                          v                       Screaming Cat
15, Screaming Cat
v                        Screaming Cat,
16, Salix,
17, Newbery
v                         Newbery,
18, Duncan Fearnley,
                          v                       Newbery
19, Puma
v                         Puma,
20, Lekka
                                                   v                    Newbery
21, Kookaburra
v                         Warsop,
22, Warsop,
                          v                       Gunn & Moore
23, Chase
v                        Gunn & Moore
24, Gunn & Moore,
                                                                        v             Newbery
25, Talisman
v                        Talisman
26, Adidas,
                          v                       Talisman
27, Laver
v                        Laver
28, Hawk,
                                                   v                   Talisman
29, Hell4Leather
v                        Hell4Leather
30, Hunts County,
                          v                        Hell4Leather
31, Willostix
v                        Black Cat
32, Black Cat

The first round will be a new thread tonight and voting will be open until midnight tomorrow.

Nice one! :) Good idea

Sorry if having a blonde moment but is the winner decide by most votes then ?

Plus pm'd you regrading bats mate sorry fir being annoying

Yes, most votes wins, unless it is a Pakistani brand as I'm open to bribes.....

If my Talisman bat turns up before the big Adidas fixture, i may be able to vote lol


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