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I have bought 2 new bats from Asad, he is by far the the best seller for asian bats in the UK in my opinion. His service and Price is excellent!
He offers great deals to anyone, also he sells other bats such as BAS, AS, CA and many more.

Anyway here is my bats I got from Asad:

The balance, pick up and ping is fantastic on both bats, I would rate them 5 star for both.

SS Special Edition:

2lb 9oz which feels soo light as feather on pick up
10 grains
32-33mm edges

ping is very very good

SS Players Edition:
2lb 8oz very very light on pick up
9 grains
32-33mm edges

agains the ping is very good.

I would use Asad again as his quality and service is excellent!!


Both look really nice, is your name written straight onto the face of the bat?


isnt it shrink wrapped though? so not on the actual face

Uzi Sports:

--- Quote from: gramw on November 16, 2008, 02:28:56 PM ---isnt it shrink wrapped though? so not on the actual face

--- End quote ---
Yes you r correct gramw


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