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Uzi Sports:
Just to let every one know that All Newbery bats we have in stock are hand picked by me after visiting the Factory last week. Most of the bats have Nice straight grains as well as good pick up and available in Light to Medium range.

From New Range, I have Grizzly bats in Men and Harrow Size in stock.
GT335 and B2 Bomber bats will be getting delivered in the next few days as I left them in the Newbery Factory to be stickered. They were waiting for new stickers to arrive.



Hi Asad, did you visit the factory or the Chalet??? as no stock is held at the factory and they don't sticker the bats there either???

Uzi Sports:
Sorry I meant Chalet(Sussex CC). I know Tim and nick Keeley very well.



When will the grizzly be on your website

Uzi Sports:

--- Quote from: irwinster on November 16, 2008, 04:44:47 PM ---When will the grizzly be on your website

--- End quote ---

I have added the Grizzly bats on our web site.


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