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Title: Bat weening
Post by: kalph on August 08, 2010, 08:27:02 PM
i have a problem i have just recived well 2 weeks ago recived next season match bat  :D
but i orderd it to differnt spec's well the handle shape i had a hunts county glory custom (oval)
but i got another hunts county but a triumph (circle) to get used to my new bat i created a kinda swingball
thing wick i got a pice of robe tied it to the top of my garage and cellotaped a windball into i driving height
to practise and get yoosed to the wieght spec's basically but it htought i might give my old trusty a quik go and ended up spending 30 mins with my new bat and 1 hour 4o mins with my old i am actualy addicted to this bat but i have a new one but this is m problem i cant just stop using it i need it to play ahhhhhhhhhhh
so now i have 4 bats wich im gunna use well maybe for next season.........
match:new hunts triump
2'nd match:mongoose cor 3 (dont own yet )
nets hunts glory <3
gray nics carbo :D :D :D