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Win a G1 English Willow Custom Made Cricket Bat

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Oh sorry i thought it was add the scores up and closest wins! My mistake!


1) How many runs will Graham Napier score for Essex in the semi final?  3 - Keeper14

2) How many runs will Rob Key score for Kent in the semi final?  20 - Keeper14
3) What will be the total runs scored in the game involving Middlesex v Dur  279 - Gareth

4) How many runs will the top batsman score in both the semi finals and final?  75 - Gareth

5) What will be the total runs scored in the final?  371 - Keeper14

Congratulations to Keeper14 winning 3-2, good to see it go down to the final prediction, Keeper14 wins the G1 custom bat with Gareth ending up with a free refurb.

Can i just say many thanks to all those who entered, i hope you all enjoyed the competition. 

If anyone has an enquiry regarding a CE bat please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to Chris for providing the competition bat!
Remember visit to see what your missing out on!

Keeper14 and Gareth get in touch with Chris to claim your prizes!

Unlucky Gareth, Chris i'll get in touch with you a bit later regarding my bat.


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