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Oh dear! Just seen this from Neil wagner...pretty pathetic!
Kudos to the batsman for just walking off

Saw this. Is he attempting a run?

Under new rules is this out as looked to be wandering to pick ball up for the bowler.

Pretty daft from the batsmen and not sitting right what bowler did.

Absolute dick move.

Hmmm, I think this is a fringe case... the batsman may have looked like he was stepping towards the ball but he made no gesture to the opposition that he was offering to field the ball for them, and the fact he went straight off without even remonstrating would seem to me as though in this case he was just "done" by quick thinking on the bowlers part.

I'm absolutely sure it could be seen from both angles but in the modern game when dropping the ball at your feet and scampering a quick single is something done all the time I don't really see what happened there as against the spirit of the game...

Neon Cricket:
Article quotes one of the players as saying that the batsman was chirping at Wagner, hence advancing out his crease - if that's the case then I see no issue (and I'm a batsman!)


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