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Gray-Nicolls Factory Custom Made Bat 27-11-2018

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Six Sixes Cricket:
I'm off to Gray Nicolls on Tuesday to have a custom Bat made plus picking up some new stock.

If your after a new Gray Nics bat, i can sift through and hand pick a bat for you. All we ask for, for this service, is a £50 deposit ( refundable if i cant source what your after )


very jealous..................... il have an Alex Hales shockwave in 2.6 pls :)

Six Sixes Cricket:

--- Quote from: Canners on November 20, 2018, 12:55:22 PM ---very jealous..................... il have an Alex Hales shockwave in 2.6 pls :)

--- End quote ---
Full deposit for you


--- Quote from: Six Sixes Cricket on November 20, 2018, 12:59:03 PM ---Full deposit for you

--- End quote ---

If itís UK made youíre on 😘

Six Sixes Cricket:
Some pics from my day at GN. Alex was the bat maker and a great host as well

There were 4 clefts to choose from

Sadly one fell victim to the press

Cleft chosen, i showed Alex where i hit the ball and we marked off the area to put the most wood behind. Weight region of 2.9-2.10 requested

We got down a bat from the shelf to give Alex an outline of what sort of shape i was after

Now time to remove some wood

Pretty much done

Just the handle to go, fortunately in the nick of time a shout of thick oval saved the day ( talking of handles, Sam Billings now requests a 22mm handle!!!!!)

Bat at this stage weighed just over 2.9, still needed sanding, binding, grip, and stickers, so would go over 2.10. I was happy with it at this stage so i decided to see what it picked up like once gripped and before stickers.
Happy with the pick up, now to choose the stickers

Went with the powebow6x

And a custom back sticker as the bat was too big for the standard stickers

Finished weight

And finally the GN edge branding

Top day out, and a massive thanks to Alex, the bat is superb.

Some extra pics of the bat

Specs are, 2.11, 40mm edges, 71mm spine, no concaving, 42mm handle thickness inc grip


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