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--- Quote from: Tailendfielder on March 04, 2020, 10:23:53 PM ---Graham made some for me at start of 2019. They have lasted incredibly well. The leather is better quality and thicker but without being sweatier which was my biggest concern.

I am in the minority of keepers who really likes a snug fit (Apparently) on gloves and they fit perfectly (i also prefer short sleeves which i may get shot for)if you want he can add gel pads in to the liner or his preference, is to take a pair of keeper inners and add padding. The knuckle support on the back of the glove was a bit of a revelation for me as historically Iíve really damaged knuckes almost coming through back of my hand (make sence if youve kept)

On top of that, he spent half an hour talking technique and giving a bit of advice which helped (except against Neonís medium pace leg spin).

They are not cheap, which would put alot of people on here off, however, given they are likely to never be replaced unlike all pairs of gloves ive bought which last a season to a season and a half, I should make my money back.

--- End quote ---

This 100% I used my gloves today for the first time and they are incredible. The fit is perfect. They are the perfect thickness and padding. Honestly cannot recommend Graham and his gloves enough.

Iíve never kept in my life but looking at those makes me want to.😍😍


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