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--- Quote from: ScottParko on October 28, 2020, 09:06:04 AM ---I know when Stoneman was still at Durham he was Kippax and pretty sure was still with them when he got picked for England, thatíll have been decent enough exposure for them, even though he didnít set the world alight.

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Stoneman and Bresnan were the only other two I could think of who I've seen using them.

Have to agree about their website, it's a shocker, although they're not alone there.

They do have a few others, including Steven Croft at Lancs. He's had a very good season to be fair so Kippax will be happy. Rob Jones is Kippax too. Maybe that's where the Jennings deal came from...

Rob Jones and Steven Croft both used Kippax last season at Lancs

Billy Godleman, Matt Critchley, Luke Procter,  Harry Brook, Jordan Thompson...

Pretty sure Gary Ballance signed this winter too


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