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Mend well, John!

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Yikes, never nice to hear. Heal up soon @Red Ink Cricket

Honest story, I was sitting in the waiting area of A&E last year when a chap walked in covered in blood and calmly walked up to the desk and said “sorry to bother you but lost my thumb on a circular saw, Iv got it in this bag shall I take a seat.

Needless to say he was rushed through, couldn’t believe the amount of blood you could lose.

As stated hope there is no lasting damage mate.

adb club cricketer:
Wishing you have a speedy recovery, take care

Ouch!  Sorry to hear that but hope you can make a full recovery as soon as possible.

Maybe you could take on a budding apprentice for the Xmas bats?  I bet there would be lots of volunteers from this forum :)

Get well soon John @Red Ink Cricket


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