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Mend well, John!

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Goodness me John, when the customer asked you to take some weight off, he meant the bat and not your thumb!

I hope you heal quickly and have a painless journey to recovery. At least you can watch some cricket on the TV.  :)

six and out:
Get well soon John, hope it's not going to effect that cover drive of yours too much either!

Get well soon John and hopefully no long term damage.

Making me rethink my idea of buying a table saw for DIY in the new year  :(

Red Ink Cricket:
Thanks guys

Itís a cut Iíve done 1000s of times before, just a freak accident that this one slipped and my thumb got in the way. Iíd machined another 10-15 clefts before this one without issue. Just one of those things I guess

Iíll be making a jig for this one once Iím back up and running so thereís no chance of it happening again.

Thumbs up for a speedy recovery Johnny-Boy!  :)


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