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--- Quote from: t2ylo on December 18, 2020, 07:54:13 PM ---Iím not one for posh gloves as a rule but these were an incredible bargain and match two of my bats.

There was some damage to one of the fingers. Nothing major and fixed with a classy bit of similar coloured tape

Iíve never seen such high end protection but they are pretty comfy

Wrist Bar
Meta Shield
Thumb Claw

No idea what any of those things actually mean - has anyone else used Masuri softs?

--- End quote ---

Think these might be the ones i sold on ebay, their decent gloves maybe not worth the rrp in my opinion, when you consider ayrtek (best gloves I've used to date) would be slightly cheaper. Only reason I sold them was I was having a bit of a kit clear out and want to try Gm next season so will be in the market for something 808 or higher.

I've never found a glove as good as Ayrtek's, and I've tried plenty now!


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