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Thanks Rob! (GN Purchases)

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Big thanks to Rob for sorting me out with some very nice sticks from GN. This isn't a review, but just a wee thread with pictures. A separate review will be done for the Custom, and probably also the Elite, as I suspect those will be the ones people are the most interested in hearing about. :)

The Pro Performance is actually a Custom, based on @Six Sixes Cricket Rob's own Custom. (That was based off a Varun Chopra bat - http://custombats.co.uk/cbforum/index.php?topic=45276.msg729924#msg729924) This one is a diet version of that, with some concaving and reduction in size, and weighs in a 2lb 11.75oz, and the pickup and feel is sublime. It's also exceptional when tapping a ball up - @thebigginge has certainly worked his magic on this one...

The other bats, well, when I was waiting for the Custom to be made, these arrived, and Rob just teased me with these, and of course, I caved. (I was actually only looking for an Elite or Ultimate as a potential accompanying bat to the Custom)

The reviews will follow at a later date, but a few points -

* This Powerspot I believe was made in the UK. Wonderful bat, really well made, but with the Elite being a very similar and more imposing bat, and the Ultimate also being in the range, I do suspect that the Powerspot might not be available for next season. (No rumours or anything, just observations on profiles)
* The Elite is excellent. It also uses the same binding technique that is associated with Aus made GNs. (With the medical tape and binding at the shoulders) I do believe these are made in India, just that they've adopted this binding technique for some bats. (Will try to get some pics)
* The Powerbow and Maax really surprised me for budget bats, both in looks and responsiveness. Powerbow response is a bit better, especially low down, while the Maax shape affords a slightly more forgiving higher portion of the blade.
* GN Robertsbridge Customs are really quite something...Here are some pictures...

Again, a massive thanks to Rob for dealing with this. We had actually discussed a Custom way back when he first had his made. I just couldn't believe how good his one looked, and had serious bat envy! This one, although not as large and impressive, just ticks all the boxes. :)

Sorry if this is rather meh, it's late, but felt like I should probably get the ball rolling on the backlog of bats/threads I want to make!

Which one is the pingiest?

Consistently underwhelmed by stock GNs these days, but that custom is lovely. Rob's one is unreal, so not surprised!

Love the stickers on the Elite. The bats GN have brought back all look so stylish.

Love these posts @Chad, thanks for taking the time to do them!


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