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Getting older, feeling I have no strength and energy I wanted a lighter bat. After initially wanting a Keeley and then getting frustrated with their social media pro pricing, I thought it was time to try a forum sponsor so reached out to John.

I specified:

* Max weight: 2lb 8oz
* A shape similar to a Shoaib Malik CA I'd seen
* Shorter blade longer handle combo
* Oval handle similar to Keeleys
* I didn't ask for any stupid specs and gave John some leeway
Here it is:

The handle could do with being a little skinnier but that's not John's fault, it's not like I specified any measurements. I've not weighed it but the pick up is great!

Really impressed and looking forward to using it. Thanks again to John.

That looks stunning in every aspect, great work John and good buy!


--- Quote from: ch1p on July 09, 2021, 12:38:11 PM ---That looks stunning in every aspect, great work John and good buy!

--- End quote ---

It is and impressed with the finishing also. Quality.

Nice piece of willow. Think it's a mid high middle. Red Ink bat with black stickers, looks very pleasing.
2lb 8oz does wonders! 👍
Please add back pics.

That's a beaut. John really does make a cracking bat. Right up there with the Garrard I have in terms of how quickly it was match ready as well.


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