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Is there anything else you can add to your spikes to give added toe protection? External/Internal?

Both my big toes have recurring problems with the nail breaking and digging into the flesh, which is painful enough without being hit by yorkers!

Or are there any cricket shoes with added toe protection?

I would wear a pair of building boots with steel toe caps... but they aren't the most comfortable for running in!

Cheers in advance!

Im not too sure what you mean... if the nail on your big toe is breaking because of the pressure of bowling then cut a hole in the front toe
If you mean the ball hits your toe and breaks the nail then id recomend a DIY job... fix a couple of bits of cotton together in the shape of the end of the boot/big toe - stuff with cotton wool and add a piece of card on top?! LOL

No its nothing to do with cricket... just my feet are rubbish...

Can you buy like toe cap things for the end of your shoes?


Like this:

tuff toe its called iirc, you could get one of them drag plates put on aswell


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