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I must apologise for the massive delay in getting a result for my competition... unfortunately I was involved in a serious traffic accident and have been out of action.

I would like to announce that Leo was selected as the winner of the comp!  I am now planning to get the stickers made up ahead of the 2009 season!  I am not in a position to make bats at the moment but I'm hoping to be able to get back to work within the next month!!

Well done to Leo you have helped me a lot with your efforts and I hope the bats I make you serve you well for the future.


Chris - Dynamite Bats

Thanks very much Chris. I really hope the accident wasnt too serious and you are well... Im sure you can make dynamite a success!

Good stuff leo lad!  And well done Chris, for the chance to win the prizes!

Any pics of the winning design?

Hopefully my bat has been posted today...
Expect a full review and pics once its had a test run ;)


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