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How to Upload pictures to the forum

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Ayrtek Cricket:
Right as quite a few people seem to struggle to upload their pictures to the forum here's a little thread showing you whats needed....

1. Open a Photobucket/imageshack account.

2. Upload the photos by selecting them from the location on your computer as per green button on this page holding down the CTRL button you can select and upload more than one photo at a time.

3.once the images have uploaded simply click upon them and a page as the below will appear. select the box that says IMG code (as circled) and then copy and paste this into your can click the preview button to check its coming up ok if in any doubt.

Thats about it, very simple and takes less than 2 minutes to do......hopefully this will help people to sort out their own pictures with relative ease :)


I did always wonder why you had to upload everyones pics for them, i thought you were getting paid lol

Ayrtek Cricket:
yeh would be nice...thought this would make things easier for people to understand though as its a pretty simple process :D

Great guide tom! Thanks. If Photobucket is not working an alternative site to try which works in a similar way is: (No signup required)

Cheers mate really helped


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