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Bat Making / Re: The first of (hopefully) many
« Last post by HellomynameisJ on Yesterday at 11:37:06 PM »
Thank you for all the kind words everyone!
Really excited to get stuck into some more

Great stuff, are you keeping the square toe?

I think I'll round the corners off just a little bit more, but nothing drastic on this one. I've been using a NB DC for the last few seasons and the square toe really doesn't phase me, I've not noticed it being a particular point of weakness or anything like that.
South Africa / Re: SA v SL series
« Last post by RPC/Blueroom Cricket - Adie on Yesterday at 10:50:33 PM »
These finishes just canít be replicated in white ball.. cracking last days drama.

SA really have declined badly. Great win for SL after being hammered in the previous two series. Steyn and Oliver bowled way too short too often but hey ho. Great entertainment
Your Kit / Re: Your 2019 kit...
« Last post by Tailendfielder on Yesterday at 10:34:18 PM »
Was for about 8 games, before i quit! If people don't give a sh!t i don't see why i should waste my time trying to sort the best team all week for people turn up bat like a tw@t and then shoot straight off.

Did you play against your 1st XI? SHCC.

No, I meant the twitter account, sorry.
Latest Matches / Re: Ashes 2019
« Last post by AJ2014 on Yesterday at 09:49:21 PM »
I once had 35/6 catches dropped off me in one season as a young leggie. I might have played at a higher level if 20 of them had been taken   :D :D in my dreams!
3 years ago 10 catches dropped in last 5 games, next season it started where it was left,
Then you got umpires who decide before inning is started not to give any lbw🙂
Latest Matches / Re: Ashes 2019
« Last post by billyb on Yesterday at 09:27:26 PM »
Just been thinking about how to solve our top-order question.

What happened to Dawid Malan, Adam Lyth and Sam Robson? They all have England centuries. I like Ballance but no-one else does...
Your Kit / Re: Winter Nets Bat Reviews
« Last post by Gurujames on Yesterday at 09:23:54 PM »
Whereís the GMís Chris?
I love buying kit for my daughter. She never really gets the thrill out of it that I do. But, when she gets a new bat so do I. I tell the missus itís a group discount.
Kippax Cricket / Re: 10 bats for £2000
« Last post by Bats_Entertainment on Yesterday at 09:17:07 PM »
I'm in, if we can get it sorted between us.

So we couldn't put the money up as a lunp sum, and each pick up bat at time that suited?
Your Kit / Re: Your 2019 kit...
« Last post by Gurujames on Yesterday at 09:16:29 PM »
Love those bats. So similar to my collection. Iíll get mine on here soon but spending the weekend pulling down lath and plaster ceilings and plasterboarding.
South Africa / Re: SA v SL series
« Last post by Mister Le Chiffre on Yesterday at 09:03:52 PM »
I've seen Kusal Perera bat a few times and thought he was going to waste his incredible amount of talent he has. Bearing in mind he's a very good keeper but lost his place to Dickwella. Good to see Kusal showing his true ability. His six hitting is very reminiscent of his hero Jayasuriya.
Players / Re: Mo Bobat English Scouting Revolution
« Last post by AJ2014 on Yesterday at 08:59:59 PM »
Think it's being technically sound is the most important to be successful in test arena,
then it comes mentality /attitude, trying best not to give away wicket easily,(how many deliveries are you going to leave, just outside the off stump)
Don't know any batsman who wasn't technically sound but averaged 30 plus.
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